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Bazaar Express: Danish Royals united again, Fani Willis responds to affair rumors, more on the rising threat from Houthis, Donald Trump lied to a judge again, plus winter weather warnings

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of The Morning by Bazaar Express. Before we begin, big apologies for the mobile device issues overnight they have since been fixed.

  1. Deadly winter weather has arrived in the United States spanning coast to coast.

Folks this is not a drill. If you can stay home and stay inside or go somewhere you can stay warm if you’re in the United States. Deadly winter weather is here and some places are expected to get dangerously below zero which *CAN* and we cannot stress this enough cause frostbite almost immediately.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching Detective Forest (Netflix) about a hotshot detective who goes outside of the law to solve a series of heinous terifying murders.

3. Fani Willis the prosecutor who may very well take down Donald Trump is having quite the week

Fulton County DA Fani Willis has had quite the week amid scandalous claims that Willis has been having an affair with the very prosecutor who is helping her in the Trump case. Though she has not confirmed the allegations, Willis has commented on them remarking that the attacks are racially motivated and she is not perfect.

4. The escalating tensions between the Houthi rebels and the West are growing.

5. Checking in on Donald Trump amid claims that his world is poised to crumble if New York rules against him in his fraud case. Plus, Trump reportedly lied to the court in another case claiming he was going to the funeral for Melania ‘s Mom but in fact was trying to head off to a rally in NH.

Donald Trump has been having a tough week amid the end of his fraud trial in New York but it gets much worse than that. According to reports, Trump has enraged the judge in one of his cases after he appeared to lie to the judge about what he’ll be up too on Wednesday. His calendar according to Business Insider actually shows he’ll be at a campaign event in New Hampshire even though he claimed to the judge that he would be going to his mother-in-law’s funeral.

6. The state of the Danish royal family appears to have cooled.

Following the abdication of Queen Margarethe III, Denmark ‘s new King Frederik has ascended to the throne.


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