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Perverted and disgraced Alabama dentist who sodomized his patients and staff has learned his fate in a twisted shocking case of abuse of power

Joseph Clarence Cox, 44, has been sentenced to more than one-hundred-eighty years in prison for sodomizing and raping his staff and patients. After a wild trial that saw explosive evidence, Bazaar Daily examines the terrifying case of abuse of power.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Cox’s case began back in April 21′ after a wild police investigation undercovered that he had used his dental practice as essentially a playground for his desires. During the week-long trial, witnesses; victims both staff and patients testified to the occurrence of numerous sexual acts; abuse, and subjecting many of them to unwanted sexual acts during their dental procedures.

ABC reports that Cox’s case began after investigators looked into high employee turnover, which was later revealed to have been due to the numerous crimes committed by Cox at the Gadsden Dental Clinic.

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