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Zacharia Varughese, a landlord in Mississippi, thought it was smart to access a tenant’s IRS/stimulus info — it didn’t go over well

Last updated on 2022-02-17

BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI —  Zacharia Varughese joins the long list of homeowners and landlords that are otherwise breaking the law in America.  On Monday, the Daily News obtained a series of screenshots from a Facebook thread (along with a series of text messages) that show Varughese admitting that he illegally accessed his tenant’s IRS information.


We have obtained property records for Varughese and intend to verify how many tenants he may exactly have.   He has openly admitted to breaking the law in the messages below.

The text messages confirm that alike other landlords across the country, Varughese accessed the tenants’ information and then proceeded to berate them over the fact that they tried to explain that they hadn’t gotten it yet.  It is no secret that millions of Americans were subject to a huge mix-up thanks to the IRS, resulting in some receiving checks and others waiting months to get their checks at all.

Editors note: These were comments made by Zacharia himself.  


Regardless, Varughese proceeded to berate the tenant informing them that he not only accessed their information but that when the eviction ban is listed next week they’d have to be out.  The problem with his claim is that in Mississippi, alike almost every other state in America, eviction is a process and doesn’t happen overnight.

We’ve reached out to whom we believe to be the tenant of Zacharia Varughese for comment on this story.

Editors note: In January 2021, it came to our attention that this landlord has previously claimed that somehow the images in this article were “false.” They were taken from his comment board on posts made at the time.

We have the images of the comments made even though he has falsely represented to Twitter that the photos were somehow staged and got the original tweet removed. We stand by our original report and are still in possession of the screenshots from his comment board acknowledging he illegally accessed someone else’s IRS information.

This story will not be removed.

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