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Professor Warren Professor Warren from Stockholm wrote on 2024-05-14 at 7:15 pm
This term several papers have been turned in and you were the topic among them amongst my students. I had heard about you before when I taught in London, but I did not know you had such a significant international audience. I finally decided to ask some of my students what was the appeal and as a professor who teaches popular culture and humanities and stuff I found this to have captured my attention. Some of my students have sat with you before, bumped into you on airplanes, in the US, quite a number of places. So hearing all of the different stories about how they came to find you and how you now have a renowned following has been fascinating. But no the most fascinating part and I thought I’d share this with you. Please keep being yourself. Simply put my students idolize you because you are the polar opposite of what a celebrity is supposed to be in their words. Many have shared conversation with you whether online or off and mentioned that had they not known who you were they would’ve never known because it is ‘unheard of for someone like that to be as they went in and as they stand today as the kids put it. If you’re wondering what that means I asked. They adore you because Hollywood never changed you. Much love from Stockholm.
H. Thomas-Wells H. Thomas-Wells from Boulder wrote on 2024-03-22 at 1:09 pm
I think I finally figured out why you're so successful. Your entire career is based not off of money but rather your stunning ability to churn out digital fortresses as if it is just a regular day. Your secret though is that nobody sees you coming. That's pretty exciting. You should go back to writing in your diary more often your career is very exciting the rare and I mean rare accidental success story. Maybe in your next Q&A you could answer with your friends a question. What would you have done with your lives had you been afforded an opportunity most people could only dream about? What would you have been instead?
Vaughn Vaughn from Nebraska wrote on 2024-03-13 at 7:33 pm
Where is the next edition of the Q&A? Can we still submit questions?
P.W Wells P.W Wells from Westchester wrote on 2024-03-07 at 7:34 pm
Lots of love Khane. Congratulations on your latest expansion.
William André William André from Atlanta wrote on 2024-02-18 at 12:37 pm
I love this newspaper. You guys are a little different because you will address and engage the audience rather than it feel like we’re reading some suits’ words from a TV set somewhere. I hope that you guys always stick to what works and continue to creatively evolve the way you have, you've definitely hit the jackpot with a working product and the plan of execution. No but on another note I was in class on Friday and three different guys did their media papers on you. That's really cool you have some Black men out here who really do look up to you and that is very honorable. That's a talent and in a positive manner at that is exactly what the world needs more of. Whatever it is your doing that's caused you to do what you've done keep doing it because many people seem to love you for it.
Asia Asia from Bronx wrote on 2024-02-12 at 12:19 am
I met you over the weekend. You are such a kind person I hope you know that. My girls and I heard you were going to be at the parties and we couldn’t believe when we saw you. Thank you for helping us have an awesome night you are a gem of a guy.
Alana Alana from Brooklyn wrote on 2024-02-11 at 7:19 pm
People are saying you are coming out of secrecy. Is this true? Think that's amazing but I hope people are ensuring you are safe I can't imagine what you intend to publish that has people talking like that.
Ciara Ciara from Manhattan wrote on 2024-02-11 at 1:21 am
Love you so much Khane it must’ve taken a profound sense of courage to step out at fashion week last night. Take your time it was so nice to see you. There is no rush you will always be who you are. You are next level brave for what you did and I just hope you know how many people are rooting hard for you. Learning the full story about what happened to you many of those who sat with you struggled to hold back the tears. I’m at a loss that something that tragic could happen and you are still pushing along, you truly are an icon. Drunk driving is never ok when you’re ready to tell your story at scale do so and you do not stop until justice has been served twice over:
Tre Tre from Manhattan wrote on 2024-02-04 at 8:18 pm
your story will forever be the stuff of legends. I am working fashion week this year and it is like you haven’t been gone all these years because of your crash. Among the names of top editors being invited to shows I am not surprised you made numerous lists. If you are actually going to do this, you got this man. Have followed your work for a long time, you are a good person and I hope you knock it out of the park.
Garth Garth from Manhattan wrote on 2024-02-04 at 5:22 pm
We see your name popping up on guests lists for fashion week. Hope before you make this decision to go public and for real this time since the crash that you’ve thought about what you’re doing. You should only do this if you’re ready to do this and for yourself. I just wanted to say we support you no matter and we are rooting so hard for you. We are so very sorry for what happened to you, drunk driving is never okay I hope that man is sorry for the rest of his life. We hear about you often and how far you’ve come in your recovery, if you do end up showing up on the red carpet you will be welcomed back with open arms for sure. Good luck at fashion week you were a fixture years ago we can’t wait to see your style as an adult. Garth & Martina
Alexandra Alexandra from Scranton wrote on 2024-01-30 at 6:13 am
Happy birthday!
Naomi Naomi from London wrote on 2024-01-28 at 3:59 pm
You interned for my Mom on your way up the ladder and now look at you. You are such an inspiration. I read your diary post this morning, there are so many layers to you I hope you finally feel comfortable enough to no longer hide. To make someone feel like they have to hide to be able to live their lives, I can't imagine the pressure and trauma that placed on you. I had the opportunity to meet you when you interned, you are such a free and fun spirit so I can imagine that didn’t go over well. That aside I'm incredibly proud to know a person who by no means has ever been a quitter. You’ve been forced to experience some of the darkest things imaginable, but have persevered and made it out alive to be able to tell the tale. I remember when you interned you told us the entire mission behind Bazaar Daily which was to be like an online village or community where everybody gathered regardless of who they were to chat mingle and keep up with the news. But you’re not just the news. You have an extraordinary story to tell, very few people will ever rise to the occasion in which you have. You should be without question proud of yourself. Happy birthday from the UK, if you’re ever in town soon let’s catch up we’d love to see you.
Sherry Sherry from Reno wrote on 2024-01-27 at 11:16 am
Happy birthday. Avid reader from Reno sending hugs and prayers your way for your big week. You guys have never failed me and are always so to the point and no obvious propaganda it is no different than if I sat down with you over a latte to talk news and information and I love that. You’ve mastered the art of to the point.
Caliste Caliste from Barcelona wrote on 2024-01-26 at 6:22 pm
Happy birthday to you from Spain. Writing on behalf of myself and my two kids who also read your paper in university. I donated to your network.
Malik & Sarah Malik & Sarah from Frankfurt Germany wrote on 2024-01-26 at 6:19 pm
Hello Khane! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays on your big night. School teachers here in Frankfurt and we love your network.
Forever_Free83 Forever_Free83 from Los Angeles wrote on 2024-01-26 at 4:12 pm
💜💜💜💜💜💜 Sending love and prayers on your birthday. You are either a magician or one of the strongest people walking this earth, to be able to experience an earth-shattering car crash like that and be able to bounce back despite the devastating consequences it left you with…. One day I hope you share with others how you managed to obtain the ability to do so. God bless you.
A Happy Mom A Happy Mom from Brooklyn wrote on 2024-01-26 at 10:19 am
This is probably an ordinary day to you but my son did his English project on you this month. Thank you for being a positive role model, you helped him overcome a devastating time in his life after he came out and was bullied pretty bad. I wish I could give you the biggest hug for that. He religiously follows you online and all of your magazines, your story saved his life so thank you for coming forward and living in your truth. I hope you have a spectacular birthday you certainly have earned it.
Patrick Jones Patrick Jones from Toronto wrote on 2024-01-25 at 2:30 pm
Don’t know if you guys know but there is major buzz you are about to be named as nominees for two different media and publishing awards in Canada. There’s chatter among columnists I just had to share. Good luck!!! I hope you triumph!!!
Graham M Graham M from Mission Hills wrote on 2024-01-24 at 8:55 pm
Today I learned how this network is funded and wow I had no idea. You guys aren’t at all what people think you are, the fact you’ve gotten this far and you are entirely funded by your own work ethic is impressive. I only figured this out because I discovered the you guys own a number of online stores and a few physical service-providers out in New York City. That is quite an accomplishment that this is not funded by the banks; dark money, or some other source. I am genuinely without words that a group of kids used their after school money and this is now the result 20+ years later. It was crazy to me to learn that you guys still fund yourselves because you each take a shift at one of your stores along with everyone else. I only know this btw because my roommate applied for a job and got it I just won’t say their name here. All I am going to say is you guys have proven yourselves 100 times over and I am very happy to support your work. I bought you guys two weeks worth of coffee on your Buy Me a Coffee Page. I know it isn’t much but I hope it brings you guys some joy for all your work.
Paula S Paula S from Cleveland wrote on 2024-01-22 at 7:28 am
Happy birthday Khane. Your network is such a breath of fresh air typically very straight to the point no fuss nothing like that. Thank you for being a source I can trust.
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