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Review: We tried BlingPhone an affordable business phone service app, here’s how that went

Bazaar Daily’s techie review column has been resurrected. In our first review in the revamped column, we’re talking about an online phone app called the Bling Phone.

The Tea

Aptly called The Bling Phone (A+ for the name) Bling is a phone service that comes through over an app. Similar to almost any online phone service, Bling is perhaps just a tad more straight forward than most.

Unfortunately, because of Bling’s significantly limited phone number inventory it may not be worth it to most despite the app being good. We were unable to get a local number because they simply didn’t have them — and instead gave us a number in Michigan that just didn’t make sense.

If you’re looking for an online phone service Google Voice is still supreme in this area because you can get a phone number. Customer service wasn’t all that great and in the end we decided to cancel.

For full transparency, it cost us $.99 to get the number but it was a number we couldn’t use.

Recommended: No.

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