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Bazaar Express: Student loan forgiveness update in U.S, what’s on TV tonight, female BBC newsreaders are sticking up for themselves, the latest in Gaza, plus more top stories today

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

The Highlights:

  1. Another round of student loan forgiveness has been announced in the United States.

According to reports, another round of loan forgiveness is coming in the United States. The Department of Education has announced that those that attended the doomed Art Institutes are set for relief. The infamous chain of for-profit art schools notoriously lied about graduation and employment rates before it was forcibly closed following an investigation a few years ago.

What’s on TV tonight?

Dead Boy Detectives on Netflix is a spiritual-esque drama about two young men who escape the afterlife to assist troubled souls.

Here are three reasons why Americans should reconsider vaulting the far-right including Donald Trump to power.

Female BBC newsreaders and presenters are sticking up for themselves in the fight for fair pay. A recent report disclosed that female presenters are paid quite a bit less than their male counterparts and now they’re suing.

BBC execs have a problem. According to a report by the Guardian, four former female presenters have filed suit against the network over claims that it routinely discriminates against women in terms of pay. The presenters were fired last year after the network merged its domestic and international offerings.

Here’s the latest in Gaza

Google services worldwide are experiencing disruptions

According to reports, Google services including Drive, Search, and the website itself are experiencing an outage across the world. According to the online website tracker Down Detector, the outage began around 11 am ET.

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