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Bazaar Express:  Nurse gets life after intentionally giving patients too much insulin, what’s on TV tonight,  the latest in Gaza,  Donald Trump ‘s getting more dictator-ish, plus more top stories this morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. 

The Highlights:

1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching Man in Full on Netflix. A hotshot Atlanta real estate tycoon facing financial ruin and the collapse of his company must face the music or go to questionable lengths to save his reputation and empire.

2.  A care nurse in PA has receive a life sentence after a scary case of intentionally trying to provide more insulin than required to patients in order to kill them.

According to a news release, Heather Pressdee  a care nurse in PA has been sentenced to life in prison after intentionally trying to poison patients with excess insulin. Pressdee according to the case killed at least 3 of her patients across Pennsylvania and attempted to harm at least 19 more across numerous other states. 

3. The latest in Gaza

4. Donald Trump is not making it a secret anymore he really  really wants to be a dictator and overthrow all personal freedoms and balances in the United States.

Everyone is talking about Donald Trump ‘s new profile in Time Magazine.  Let this be your reminder that the man attempting to enter the White House again has made it very clear: he will act as a dictator endangering every personal freedom and related that Americans enjoy.

5.  Recap Day 10 Donald Trump ‘s hush money trial in Manhattan.

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