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As it stands The Daily News has decided to run a formal obituary on J’Markus Walker otherwise known to many gay black men as Ghetto Nerd. Ghetto Nerd, as previously reported, died in November after reported complications from pneumonia.

While we won’t identify how we acquired Ghetto Nerd’s identity, we can say that a family friend is behind the push to have a formal obituary ran in  this newspaper. Walker, who reportedly studied at Texas Southern University had wide interests including in the finance field.

Many first grew to learn Walker after he entered gay porn as Ghetto Nerd, quickly becoming a beloved individual, Walker’s death, raised many questions about the gay porn industry.

As the only newspaper to break the news of Ghetto Nerd’s sudden death, we, intend to trace the footsteps of Nerd and his porn path.  Recent inquiries made to this newspaper have triggered an investigation into some of the very agencies that put Nerd on the map. 

Now, the final words from one family member who preferred to remain unidentified due to  Nerd’s family having sought privacy in their time of grief.

“He was truly a sweetheart. His warming laugh, hilarious personality, and knack for people that he had will always be remembered.  He had this infectious thing to him that made him a friend to many and a beloved sibling. Our family is deeply broken by the loss and as our questions get answers, we shall continue to seek solice”.

Born August 1st (unconfirmed) Walker’s exact age remains unknown. 

Unknown – 2016 – May what appears to be an innocent life lost rest in blissful peace. 

This obituary is part of a newly opened investigation into the gay porn industry and the effects it eventually has on the stars in which it creates. 

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