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Exclusive: Unearthed court docs show that Mississippi realtor Zacharia ‘Zakk’ Varughese has a known and documented history of using social media to slander people (despite his claims otherwise)

Last updated on 2023-12-15

This article is in response to online claims made by Mississippi realtor Zacharia Varughese.

Bazaar Daily has been made aware of a series of unfounded claims made by Mississippi-based realtor Zacharia Varughese (previously known as Jacob Moore.) Varughese claims that we somehow fabricated a pair of social media images published several years ago that show he disparaged and called a woman foul names online.

This is a violation of the real estate code of conduct in the state of Mississippi. But this is not why Varughese is in the midst of proceedings to strip him of his license as we have now learned.

This link lays out how that works in Mississippi.

Let’s also make something very clear. Everybody deserves a second chance no matter who you are and we stand by this. But Varughese was convicted of a crime that would otherwise be categorized as a ‘breach of trust’ this is out of bounds in real estate and is the reason he is being sought by the Real Estate Board and Commission.

Let’s begin.

#1 – The social media controversy

There are three different instances in which Varughese has made disparaging or otherwise libelous comments about others on social media. They are the following situations with at least one of these situations involving a lawsuit filed by the President of a homeowners association for the same thing. Varughese falsely claimed that the individuals ‘s business was racist (they owned a separate business) but Varughese actually had personal beef with the guy and instead tried to take it out on his business according to the court documents obtained by Bazaar Daily on Thursday evening.

This is a copy of that document. We are releasing this because we have no reason to lie. We already knew Zacharia had a history of using social media for inflammatory reasons these documents just further proved to which extent it has occurred over the years by his actions.

#2 On Thursday we visited Varughese’s new social media page to find that he once more has made disparaging comments about another person this time involving the very broker who discovered Varughese’s issues that are now jeopardizing his real estate license.

A couple of things about the educational background. Bazaar Daily had nothing to do with the supposed claims or questions about Varughese’s credentials. The implication otherwise is false. However, these which were taken from Varughese’s (different Facebook he was formerly Zacharia Varughese on Facebook) which now identifies him simply as Zakk Varughese.

The broker is a pastor from about 15 years ago although operates as a broker these days. The broker has no known history of criminal offenses; abuse allegations or anything of the nature. That did not stop Varughese from making the above comments about him on social media. In response to the complaint filed against Varughese over his felony past, Varughese went online to make the following comments about the broker (but remember folks, he is also simultaneously claiming that he does not use social media to make disparaging comments about other people.)

The comments are here they are completely unfounded and without merit and we have not been able to verify that such allegations or accusations have ever existed against the broker in question. We are aware of who the broker is and were unable to find any court records; news stories, public records, etc that would even remotely indicate that Varughese’s implied comment about him online is in any way true.

In the case of the deposition, this is the unfounded and inflammatory claim made by Varughese towards the business listed on the complaint. In these slides, Zacharia fails to provide proof to people asking for proof this situation ever happened.

To sum it all up folks. Let’s recap a few things.

  • In the deposition, Varughese admits that he went to University in Palm Beach. This is the same place where the court system shows that he has felony charge(s). This is the charge that would otherwise be described as a breach of trust. A major violation in real estate.
  • Also in the deposition, despite Varughese now claiming that he does not use social media to disparage others or make inflammatory comments… this is simply not true. He was sued by the Tucker Family for this very thing. Parts of it have been redacted to remove the residential address of Varughese and other personal information.
  • The birth date listed for the man previously known as Jacob Moore and now Zacharia Varughese matches that of a LinkedIn profile connected to Varughese. This LinkedIn profile identifies that he was associated with Florida and was in the area when the court documents show he is listed as having a criminal record in the area during this time.
  • Varughese has been accused of using his Facebook profile listed under his very name at least 3 different times against all different people. The story we reported on was not the first nor last time he did so despite his claim otherwise.
  • Despite his implying otherwise, we are in no way in cahoots with anyone involved in this situation. This story was not published out of retaliation. This story was published because it was grossly unprofessional for a realtor to access someone else’s IRS information without their consent (which it quite literally says is required when you do so on Irs.gov.)

-Bazaar Daily News

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