The Morning: House is now controlled by a Bible thumping theocrat, America’s *hard right* turn accelerates, more on that shooter Robert Card, checking in on Donald Trump after his court tantrum, plus what’s on TV tonight

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday. Friday is finally here.

1. Welcome to theocratic America stage 1.

Newly minted House speaker Mike Johnson has made it clear which direction his leadership is headed. In a number of comments and statements, Johnson has made it clear that religion drives his decisions and also his worldview.


2. Donald Trump was fined $10,000 this week after violating a gag order again when he made a comment about the judge’s law clerk.

3. The massive manhunt for Robert Card is still underway and now there’s some new details emerging about his life.

According to several reports, Card first and foremost suffers from severe mental illness. Family members have come forward revealing that he had previously over the summer been hospitalized for hearing voices.

But there’s more. AP is out with a report that claims that during the massacre Card may have been seeking a reported ex-girlfriend. It is unclear if the woman was actually in the building at the time.

4. America’s hard right turn has accelerated here’s why Americans need to pay attention now more than ever.

Republicans have now installed a religious fanatic as the most powerful Republican in the house. Consider this the framework for their master plan. If they win the Senate that means they have the power. If they win the Senate and the White House their master plan is complete. They have completed step 1 of a 3 step plan to overthrow American society as we know it.

Vote accordingly.

5. What’s on tv tonight?

Burning Betrayal on Netflix. We do not have a review yet as we are watching this for the first time as everyone else. It’s a dramatic spicy thriller just announced by the streamer.

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