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BAZAAR DAILY has obtained shocking court documents that lay bare the history of Mississippi realtor Zacharia ‘Zakk’ Varughese who has now been exposed to be an entirely different person. Documents revealed that Varughese is actually a man named Jacob Moore with a rap sheet dating back to at least 2000.

In what began as an investigation into a real estate agent accused of discriminating against women has evolved into something entirely different.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of domestic violence in the United States you are not alone and there is help. If you or a friend or a loved one is suffering you can telephone the National Domestic Violence hotline for supportive services and assistance. The number is 800-799-7233.
Photo obtained via ZakkSellsHomes.com (which appears to be a main web site associated with Varughese.)

On Tuesday, Bazaar Daily obtained a cache of court documents that revealed Zacharia Varughese is actually a man named Jacob Moore. According to court documents, in 2004 he was the subject of domestic violence proceedings against what is understood to have been a family member. That same family member is also named in a restraining order from that year obtained in the cache.

Varughese actually had a name change performed and we’ve got the document to prove it.

As a result of these documents, Bazaar Daily has confirmed that in violation of real estate agent rules the appropriate proceedings against Varughese have begun to strip him of his license. Sources also noted to Bazaar Daily that the previously undiscovered information is in fact a clear violation of license laws and therefore renders Varughese ineligible to have ever been a real estate agent in the state of Mississippi.

In this particular case, the board that issues licenses in Mississippi specifically spells it out in their guidelines. According to the information we’ve found, because Varughese was convicted of crimes that included fraud, deception, and breaches of trust he actually was never supposed to have been a real estate agent.

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