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Bazaar Express: The latest in Donald Trump ‘s hush money trial, what’s on TV tonight, missing Chibok girl rescued ten years later, U.S troops to withdraw from Niger following junta coup, plus more top stories tonight

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

The Highlights:

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching What Jennifer Did and before anyone asks no we do not know what Jennifer did …yet.

2. The latest on Trump ‘s hush money trial in New York City.

Opening arguments are set to begin on Monday. A full jury including its alternates has been chosen. We’ll be following along as details and events in the case continue to unfold.

3. U.S troops are set to withdraw from Niger quite some time after the junta initially overthrew the government and installed its own in the country.

Following the dramatic coup by Niger ‘s now ruling junta, U.S troops are set to withdraw from the country also following reports of an alleged cover-up

4. One of the missing Chibok girls who was abducted by Boko Horam a decade ago has been found.

According to reports, the woman identified as Lydia Simon and her three children were rescued ‘recently’ after the Nigerian army reportedly conducted a series of missions on a Boko Horam stronghold in Northern Nigeria. Boko Horam is a terrorist organisation that has sought to install Sharia Law in the country. CNN notes that when the army made the rescue of Lydia Simon she was five months pregnant at the time.

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