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Bazaar Express: The latest in Gaza, conservatives are doing everything in their power to stop diversity in its tracks, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines by The Express

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. This is your seasonal reminder that it is flu season wash your hands and have some manners when in public folks.

Conservatives are still taking aim at diversity in any way they can

Conservatives are still targeting diversity in any way they can. According to reports, some employers are now a tad scared to the point that they’ve entirely rewritten their diversity efforts to still mean diversity except they’re not called diversity programs anymore. For instance, Blackrock is now focusing on things like socioeconomic background rather than race.

What’s on TV tonight?

Fool Me Once is a great spicy murder drama about a wealthy family with a tad bit of a dark secret. After the sudden murder of Maya’s husband, there are a few sinister questions and not enough answers after she claims to have saw her dead husband on a nanny cam.

Rating: A

– The latest in Gaza

According to reports, the expulsion of Hamas leaders from Gaza is now on the table amid negotiations involving the war. The move comes after the strike that allegedly killed a Hamas leader although it went unnoticed during hostage meetings because families of hostages according to the same reports did not have their mobile devices on them.

-Bob Menendez apparently has more dirty secrets than thought

According to reports, it wasn’t just Egypt that Menendez was deep in the pockets of. According to newly unsealed documents against the disgraced Senator, Menendez has now also been accused of being in bed with Qatar. The new accusations have renewed questions about the American government and just how many traitors are truly inside of the House.

– Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the attack in Iran that has killed more than 100 people as of this writing.


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