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A TikTok ban in America now seems all but inevitable here’s what you need to know following the bill containing little-seen passage clearing House hurdle

Tik Tokers gather around. As reported by Bazaar Daily, the U.S. House has cleared a $95B funding package for Ukraine Taiwan, and Israel. However eagle-eyed watchers have discovered that the bill quietly contained a clause requiring the sale of Tik Tok or else.

The Lowdown

In the recently passed bill, some have called the ban inevitable while others thought it was just a matter of figuring out what it would look like. The forced sale requires the app’s China-based owners to divest from the app entirely out of concern by lawmakers that the ruling communist party secretly heavily influences the app.

Senate is expected to take up the measure due to the increased need for foreign aid funding. Senate Democrats had previously tabled efforts to ban the app, however, may be singing a far different tune this time.

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