The Brief: UAW strikes are expanding, Joe Biden is set to join the picket lines, announcing the launch of our Amazon store, plus storm updates as Ophelia moves up the East Coast

The Brief is a mobile news column covering quick afternoon ‘news bites’ that we think are interesting or that people should probably know about. If you’re on the East Coast, buckle up the weather is getting nasty. Welcome to pumpkin spice weather 🤩.

1. UAW has announced that its historic strikes are expanding as negotiations remain ongoing.

According to United Auto Workers, the union is expanding its strikes against the remaining automakers (minus Ford.) NBC reports that the union is expanding strikes to at least 38 locations across 20 states. Ford as of this time is the only automaker who appears to have made progress in negotiations with the union.

2. Ophelia is here folks.

If you’re in the areas that are worse than others pay attention to your local weather. Please remember to also take your pets inside don’t forget about them. According to the Weather Channel Service, the storm made landfall in North Carolina earlier this morning.

3. We’re launching an Amazon storefront.

In the coming weeks, we will be launching a storefront on Amazon where people can buy things we recommend; every day products, affordable essentials and others all from the comfort of their home. And the best part is that buying through our store actually helps support this newspaper directly. All orders and the like would still be processed by Amazon.

4. NEW REC: What’s on Netflix this rainy afternoon .. drum roll please…

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