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Prosecutors argue in Donald Trump’s hush money trial that criminal conspiracy is the focus of his trial

Another day another series of developments in the Manhattan trial of Donald J. Trump the indicted former President and real estate magnate known for his many lies and shameful rhetoric.

The Lowdown

The latest day in Trump’s Manhattan trial is delivering a number of tidbits. According to the Guardian, Trump’s lawyer is catching heat after attempting to argue that there is nothing wrong with attempting to influence an election.

Todd Blanche the lawyer didn’t stop there. During today’s hearing, Blanche also claimed in court that Trump had nothing to do with the 34 checks in question except for the fact he signed them.

Elsewhere during the onset of the hearing, Manhattan DA Matthew Colangelo ‘s opening statement is something everyone should see.


EDITORS NOTE: Donald Trump paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep silent about their affair just before the 2016 election. With that whole situation, 34 checks are at the center of the entire scandal all of which Trump signed. In their opening arguments, prosecutors argued that the amount paid to fixer Michael Cohen amounts to a red flag.


In their arguments, prosecutors want to know why Trump a famously frugal conman paid former fixer turned witness against him Michael Cohen $420,000.

That amount of course is as significantly more than what was of the actual payment.

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