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Bazaar First: Hamas releases more hostages, why one freed hostage threw up a peace sign, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines

Good morning and welcome to Bazaar First, bringing you the morning’s biggest headlines from around the world.

1. More hostages have been released by Hamas

Hamas militants have released more hostages with one granny having gone viral after throwing up a peace sign after being released.


2. What’s on Netflix tonight?

The Misfits Pierce Brosnan and Nick Cannon star in this caper-thief comedy about a group of wannabe criminals trying to pull off the heist and grift of a lifetime.

3. A young woman is dead this week after drinking Panera Bread’s infamous charged lemonade.

According to a lawsuit filed by the family of Sarah Katz, 21, the young woman passed away after drinking the dangerously caffeinated drink. As it goes, the store’s drink has more caffeine than a Monster and a Red Bull combined. Katz’s family maintains that it was not clear enough on the drink how much caffeine was inside of it — and that PB should be held accountable for that.

4. Facebook has been sued by 41 states over the alleged harm it causes to kids.

Meta has been hit with a massive lawsuit from 41 states over the social; mental, and physical harm that states say Facebook and Instagram cause. It is one of the largest lawsuits Facebook has ever been served with. In total it involves 33 states in federal court in California, plus additional separate complaints filed by eight states and DC in federal, state, or local courts.

An elderly woman’s peace sign to Hamas has gone viral.

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