Bazaar Express: Actor Kamar De Los Reyes dies, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Gaza, Trump really has gone off the deep end, plus more by the Express

Good morning everyone and welcome to Tuesday’s edition of Bazaar Express. We sure hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas weekend we sure did.

1. Actor Kamar De Los Reyes has died after a brief battle with cancer.

De Los Reyes, 56, according to reports died this weekend after a short battle with cancer. He was best known for his stint on One Life to Live and that of his turn in the Call of Duty II franchise.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching this fairly gripping Australian TV show called Secret City. This is really good like really really good.

3. Donald Trump really has gone off the deep end

Business Insider reports that Donald Trump spent his holiday weekend railing against electric car supporters wishing them a trip to hell on Christmas.

4. The latest in Gaza

According to reports, the Egyptian ceasefire proposal has been rejected. Reuters reports that Hamas itself rejected the deal because it doesn’t want to give up power despite nearly all of its population now needing serious international aid and help.


Serbs are taking to the streets amid reports of a hijacked general election in the country. Stand tall for your freedoms people. They are under attack all over the world.

Iran has promised swift action following reports that a member of the country’s lethal Revolutionary Guards has been killed according to Reuters.

CELEBRITY – TV — What’s New


3 weeks after jailed Putin critic Alexei Navalny went missing from his penal colony he has been located in another just above the arctic circle. Yes you’re reading that right there is a Russian prison colony in the arctic circle.

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