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  1. How to hide your prying eyes online and on mobile devices.

Internet privacy is more important than ever before especially in countries (including the United States) where some governments are attempting to use mobile data against people.

Here’s how to do it. Below are some of our 3 suggestions for relatively free or very close to it VPNs (with inexpensive premium plans) to beef up that privacy.

  1. Sky VPN (has totally free plans but does come with premium. This is our preferred VPN and often works way better than others.)
  2. AVG Mobile Security & VPN (premium is cheaper than a latte at $4.99/month.)
  3. Mozilla ‘s VPN (also one of our faves.) This one is built into your Firefox browser rather than an app. This one is also affordable but a little higher on the price spectrum at $9.99 a month.

Why should you use a VPN?

So glad you asked. A VPN enables people to do a host of things including concealing your internet activity and location. However, a VPN also allows people to circumvent internet censors and bans and other things that would prevent them from accessing certain content. A fair piece of advice, anytime you leave your house your mobile device should usually be connected to a VPN. Protect your online self and data in an era where people are buying your data often for nefarious reasons.

2. Harvard President Claudine Gay will keep her job despite the controversy she’s experienced in recent weeks.

The Harvard Corporation which is the University ‘s highest governing board has unanimously decided to stick behind Gay following the much-talked about testimony on Capitol Hill. As many are aware, Gay recently appeared on Capitol Hill in a hearing led by Rep Elise Stefanik (one of the least trustworthy Republican reps in New York politics.) Gay sparked backlash after failing to adequately address a series of questions about antisemitism on campus.

3. The end of Rudy Giuliani is here

Rudy Guiliani apparently hasn’t learned that defaming another person not the extent in which he has is very much against the law.


4. Hasbro is undergoing mass layoffs amid weak toy sales.

According to reports, Hasbro is set to lay off about 1,100 people into the holiday season as it becomes the latest company to struggle with sales. Meanwhile, rival Mattel is doing a tad better not declining but isn’t rising sales wise either.

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