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Nat’l Guards are being deployed inside the subway system, here’s what to know as NY sets course for huge law enforcement presence

NY ‘s Kathy Hochul has announced a series of intended changes to address the further growing crime problem underground. Underground inside New York City ‘s subway system, several instances of high-profile cases of violence have captured recent headlines.

The Lowdown

On Wednesday, Hochul announced a series of intended changes set to address the subway system’s growing crime problem. The changes which are expected to see thousands more personnel within the system borough-wide, also include things like increased bag checks as previously announced by Eric Adams. Some of these changes come after at least 3 high-profile attacks underground in the last two weeks one of which involved a man who said he would never again go underground after the attack.

Unfortunately for Hochul, the announcement didn’t go over well. According to reports, no less than an hour following the announcement an MTA worker was smashed over the head with a glass bottle underground marking yet another such instance of violence this week. The same announcement revealed that New York intends to send 1k national guardsmen and women and people into the subway system on top of state police to help with security checks and bag searches.

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