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Bazaar Express: The resurrection of Jezebel is underway, latest on those hostage swaps in Gaza, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines from the Express

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. Before anyone asks, yes it is cold outside so bundle up New York.

  1. Feminist news site Jezebel is back.

Jezebel previously owned by Gawker is coming back to life. According to reports, Paste Magazine has acquired the news site and is expected to relaunch it as soon as Wednesday. Terms of the deal weren’t fully disclosed nor were price tags. Paste is currently seeking writers and a new face for its Editor-in-Chief role within Jezebel as noted here.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

3. George Santos is seeing his expulsion through to the end.

Notorious conman George Santos is certain loyal to his schtick as a liar and a conman. Despite mounting evidence and a damning report that he should be booted from Congress — Santos has maintained that he will not resign (but will not seek re-election next year) in wake of all of the chaos. Santos ‘s careless attitude has been on full display since the now infamous House Ethics report as some point out without the protections of government, his goose is cooked.

4. Hamas now says it is willing to extend the truce by another four days so it can gather more hostages held by other terror groups in the area for release.

According to reports, Hamas is now all-in for a truce extension. Hamas is understood to be willing to undertake the task of locating other hostages held by other non-Hamas militant groups in the area. It comes as about a dozen or so more hostages were released just a day before the current ceasefire is expected to fully expire.

5. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re gathering around in our virtual T.V room to Squid Game: The Challenge.

We’ll report back with a verdict on Friday.

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