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Bazaar Express: TX woman seeking abortion has fled, what’s on TV tonight, why American women need to wake up, plus more from the Express

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. Before we continue, we’d like to drive a point home. Women will never be free so long as men are telling them what to do and because of such none of us will ever be free because we will not be free until we all are. Women are not baby factories.

  1. Kate Cox the TX woman who sought an abortion in a state that is attempting to force women to carry (dying fetus or not) has fled the state entirely to have the procedure.

As expected, Cox has left the state to have the procedure entirely in an effort to save her life. TX ‘s Republican-led Supreme Court attempted to block a ruling earlier this week that permitted the procedure on no real grounds other than ‘Republicans’ and ‘men’ said so. Cox according to reports likely would have lost future fertility without the procedure.

American women listen up. This could be you next. Your bestie. Your sister. Your daughter whether planned pregnancy or not. Value yourself you are more than a baby factory. There is more to you than the mechanism between your legs that births a child. No one other than you has the right to tell you what to do with your body. That is not freedom and anyone who says otherwise is drinking a bit of that kool-aid.

2. Trump backed out of testifying today in the ongoing fraud trial against him and his company. As it stands, the odds are not in his favour.

Donald Trump ‘s fraud trial is still ongoing in New York City and it isn’t going quite as planned for the indicted autocrat. In response to Trump ‘s declaration that he was reneging on his testimony, New York has already made it clear that they’ve got the goods and have long proven he is a fraudster and a criminal.

3. The following passage is and we cannot stress this enough not a joke. The state of Missouri is attempting to move to charge women who receive abortions with murder. You are reading that correctly everyone we just want to make that very clear.

The state of Missouri is attempting to charge women with murder who receive abortions.

According to new legislation in the state, a group of Republican lawmakers are attempting to introduce legislation that otherwise charges women with murder if they undergo the procedure. This flies in the face of almost any possible logical legislation. American women need to wake up. There are several countries that started out friendly Democracies and ended up theocracies/etc because people turned a blind eye to this stuff. Look no further than Iran for example.

The legislation reads like the nightmare it is. It can be found here but let’s talk about this for second. Because if you are an American woman reading this right now and not ready to throw your laptop out the window in anger for yourself and your fellow ladies there is something seriously wrong.

When does the legislative session begin?

Glad you asked. According to reports, they are set to convene next month to determine two bills that would allow this to happen. The co-sponsor of this bill has spoken out about this bill claiming that it protects the life of the child at all stages. (See this handy article for lots of information and scientific, yes scientific, answers on this matter from the National Institute of Health.)

The bill would allow exceptions only in the cases of serious dangers to the mother’s physical health, or to save the mother’s life. Missouri is one of 14 states with wildly extreme abortion laws on the books (and the number is expected to keep growing as the far-right continues to seize power in the United States.)

Worth noting that this is the latest attempt by a Republican state this year alone to charge women with murder for having an abortion. This year, Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky and South Carolina all attempted to have identical bills signed into law but the bills eventually stalled during the legislative process and never made it anywhere.

In conclusion ladies. Buckle up your future and that of your daughter and your fellow lady friends literally depends on you. This is not a joke. These people are telling you who they are now think about what they’ll do when if they win enough power next year to seize the United States Senate and the White House?

Truthfully all people have to do is open a history book to find out exactly what an America would look like the way these people describe their ‘aspirations’ for a ‘conservative America.’ What the ‘Democrats’ did decades and centuries ago, the ‘Republicans’ are now attempting to do centuries later. The parties are no longer the same, they are not even in the same league anymore. The call is coming from inside the House.

Your life would effectively be over and you will be owned by the Republican party. Your private life; your intimate life, your entire existence will be based on the fact you can birth a baby. Register to vote… seriously. Drag your husbands, brothers, and every single male with you. This is a team effort.

Because let’s be clear if those voting booth lines don’t look like a Beyonce concert, Americans have nobody to blame but themselves because this disaster is preventable.

Looking for info on how to register to vote? Look no further tap right here.

4. What’s on TV tonight?

We finally finished Leave the World Behind totally catch that on Netflix solid movie.

YUou sort of have to see this to believe it. As of publication it does not appear Harvard nor Claudine has addressed this.

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