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Good evening folks far-and-wide and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. We truly appreciate everybody’s patience while we undergo our big annual digital ‘facelift.’ We appreciate each of you who has joined us offline at our animal care service.

The Highlights:

  1. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is concerned about international criticism however according to reports national criticism is only growing of his handling of the war and ongoing Hamas-hostage situation.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are watching season 2 of The Tourist and yes it is just as eyebrow raising as the first.

3. The latest in Gaza

4. Across America in sixty seconds or less in roughly two paragraphs.

Donald Trump is still Donald Trump and nobody is super sure what to expect from the current version of Donald Trump as America heads into its big election season. But even with that there’s a new star witness in one of his trials.. expect social media posts in a matter of hours.

A Senator who suggested and we’re not kidding here that Gaza be bombed and stripped of its humanitarian aid.. well most probably know how that landed and it wasn’t well.

According to this report, a dairy worker in Texas is understood to have contracted the bird flu. This case is the first known of its kind to have started in a cow and made its way to humans. The only other case was in 22′ when a worker in Colorado also contracted the virus. Officials report that the case appears to be mild but close attention is being paid to the rare case.

5 Not so fast on Trump’s hopeful big payout from that whole Truth Social merger situation

According to reports, Truth Social has disclosed that last year it reported a fifty-eight million dollar loss that was not previously known before the merger. CNBC reports.

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