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Start your day: CBC exits Twitter over the label, Republicans are targeting Food Stamps and Medicaid plus charges for crazed white shooter in Kansas City

Happy Tuesday everyone grab your lattes and tuck into this morning’s AM Mix newsletter.

  1. CBC is exiting Twitter over Twitter’s random new label

Twitter’s fiasco over ‘government media labels’ continues this week. On Monday, CBC confirmed that it was temporarily halting operations on the social media platform after it was labelled ‘government-funded.’ CBC of course for those not in Canada is the country’s broadcaster.

2. Republicans are trying to target food aid and Medicaid in their ‘budget cuts’ to avert a potentially catastrophic showdown over the debt ceiling limit.

Republicans are understood to be setting their ire on Food Stamps and Medicaid in their latest efforts to quash social programs in the United States. It’s important to remember that Republicans initially wanted to target Social Security and Medicare but after swift backlash, they ‘let up’ off of those demands only to encircle others. According to Huff Post, the new ‘plans’ include so-called stricter work requirements for Food Stamps and even instituting work requirements for Medicaid. In one separate proposal, Republicans want to extend the idea of an ‘able-bodied’ adult to someone all the way to the age of 64 and parents whose children are older than 6 years old.

3. Andrew Lester the crazed white man who shot an innocent Black teenager has been charged

Andrew Lester the elderly white man in Kansas City who shot a Black teenager in the head has been charged. As many know, Lester opened fire on Ralph Yarl after Yarl accidentally went to the wrong house trying to pick up his siblings to bring them home. Yarl was shot in the head and then again in the arm before having to struggle to get to a nearby home for help. Lester is looking at more than 10 years if not life in prison on all of the charges totaling 2 of them.

4. No indictment in the murder of Jayland Walker.

According to reports published Monday, the jury overseeing the case of the murder of Jayland Walker has decided not to indict the cops responsible for the young man’s murder. The police “were legally justified in their use of force,” Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost said Monday, NBC News reports. A total of 94 bullets in total were fired at Walker during a traffic stop in July with more than 46 grazings or hitting him directly in some form. Cops maintain that he had refused to stop upon request but they have provided no evidence to such a claim.

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