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Start your day here: Roberts declines ethics invitation, plus docs reveal extent of Jeffrey Epstein ‘s tentacles

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  1. Chief Justice John Roberts has declined an invitation to appear at a hearing investigating ethics problems with the Supreme Court.

John Roberts is refusing to appear at a Senate hearing about the ethical issues that have been plaguing the Supreme Court for a while. Democrats widely in Washington are attempting to push efforts to reign in the Supreme Court’s free reign to rule itself. This is an ongoing effort but largely is poised to further face strong opposition from Republicans.

2. Jeffrey Epstein ‘s criminal tentacles extended much further than many probably initially understood

A series of new documents released over the weekend appear to claim that Jeffrey Epstein ‘s personal relationships with the rich and powerful (and even the government) extend much further than previously known. In the documents, it has been revealed that Epstein’s personal calendar showed that he had met with everyone from the director of the CIA to numerous other high-ranking and prominent people.

3. New York City is rolling out a novel idea in an effort to combat rampant car thefts

New York City has announced a pilot programme that will see an initial 500 Apple Air Tags passed ut to hard-hit neighbourhoods struggling with rampant car thefts. Crime in New York City is all over the place as of late, however, car thefts, in particular, are pretty bad in some neighbourhoods.

4. Prince Harry will be in and out for Charles’s coronation

According to reports, Prince Harry is in fact attending his father’s coronation next week. With his attendance, it is now widely understood that he will only be in town for 24 hours and is expected to leave the country just hours after the Coronation. His son’s birthday coincides with his father’s historic day.

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