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Sources: Ghetto Nerd fought with producers before death

The death of Ghetto Nerd has not only sparked discussion over the overall health and life of gay porn performers, but, it has also brought on many new questions as to how producers in the industry treat them. The Daily News was the first to cover the death of Ghetto Nerd, who, tragically passed away no less than three weeks ago.

With his death, Ghetto Nerd brought to light many other performers and former industry “stars” who have either been abused abandoned  or forgotten about by the same people who falsely promised to them fame and fortune through sexually explicit videos.

Now, we’ve learned more about Nerd’s final days before his death.

On  29 December, sources came forth with e-mails and text messages (that because they contain Nerd’s identifying information we will not post them here) that were between Nerd and numerous producers from Black Rayne;  Breed it Raw,  Rockafellaz Entertainment, and one  Rock Rockafella himself.

In the text messages, Nerd, who was reportedly under contract to star in porn videos for  a few agencies he “wanted out” but they wouldn’t let him out of his contracts.  We managed to verify the existence of an alleged contract between Nerd that we have agreed from posting here because it contains his information.

Our sources tol us of numerous occasions  in the two months before Nerd’s death of how he “Would often fight with Black Rayne and the like over  his likeness.   He felt like he was being used and going to be washed up before his future really hit. He would often complain to me how they tried to coerce him into threesomes and groups with numerous men unprotected.   Nerd wasn’t about that life and rallied against it. That’s ultimately why he stopped filming for a short time”.

In the contract it stated that “Nerd is not to perform with anybody else sexually or in an R-Rated manner that is not specifically with the assigned agencies Black Rayne; Breed it Raw, etc”.

The interesting part of these text messages compared to the claims made by sources indicate that Ghetto Nerd ‘s final days existed in a manner in which saw the beloved former adult film star die at a time in which he felt “Like I was being used for my body and not rewarded in any way.  It was a world where I was an object rather than a human and it sucks. I want out this is not for me. Contract or no contract its time for me to go. I have better intentions for my life, this, is not what I signed up for”.

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