Good Morning: Crazy killer Lori Vallow learns her fate, Tim Scott is trying to conceal his lavish spending, Have You Seen This Man?, plus fraudster’s shaky testimony in Washington delivers literally nothing

Good morning folks and happy Tuesday grab that latte and let’s trek on. It’s a busy morning already following news of Vallow’s conviction, Scott ‘s campaign secrets are coming to light, and of course Devon Archer’s testimony in Washington.

Crazed killer Lori Vallow Daybell who infamously murdered her own children has finally learned her fate. In a sentencing hearing in St Anthony Idaho this week, Vallow was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of her own children and conspiracy to murder her husband’s ex-wife Tammy Daybell. Chad Daybell will be tried for each of the murders consecutively. It is the end of a sensational trial that saw Vallow accused and later convicted of viciously murdering her kids and never seemed to really care that she did so.

Republicans are touting Devon Archer as means to ‘impeach’ Joe Biden over GOP claims that he was taking part in business deals alongside his father President Joe Biden. The problem with Archer is that Archer has a sketchy past and a serious fraud conviction hanging over his head. As we reported over the weekend, Archer has previously been convicted of selling fake bonds to a tribal group that literally meant nothing. Republicans still claim that Archer can be trusted and is credible, however, common sense says not so fast.

We will be appearing at the Blackveg Fest this month in Brooklyn New York. Come meet us as we mingle; take photographs, and cover the event for our newspapers.

A shady venue in NYC is once again back in the news amid reports a 2nd man in recent weeks has gone missing after attending a concert at the Mirage. Let’s be clear folks, this is not the first person to disappear and caution should be exercised visiting this venue. According to the NYPD and a missing persons poster, 28-year-old Goldman Sachs analyst John Gastick attended a concert over the week only to disappear moments after leaving the venue. He has not been seen or heard from since. Two weeks ago a man named Karl Clementine turned up dead also after having attended an event at the venue.

Tim Scott Republican candidate for President has caught the attention of critics. According to reports, it has been discovered that Scott has been to some creative lengths to conceal his use of private jet travel. According to reports, Scott ‘s campaign has spent upwards of $200k on private jet travel but the campaign has gone to some extensive lengths to keep that from the public. It comes at a time when many politicians including those on the Supreme Court are all abusing their positions of power.

As it turns out, Scott ‘s campaign has paid upwards of $280,000 to an LLC for ‘travel and air.’

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