Start your day: IRS ditches random home visits (kind of), that Alabama kidnapping was actually a hoax, plus SAG-AFTRA strike updates as Tinsel Town remains shuttered

Happy Tuesday everyone, and good morning to those already awake and starting the day wherever you are in the world.

  1. The IRS is stopping those random home visits and yes those were a thing for decades

Dating back decades, the IRS has always paid delinquent taxpayers an unwanted visit that usually ends very badly for all parties. Now according to the agency, the agency will be stopping those visits in favour of only doing them for a very small number of tax evaders.

2. Jess Hilarious is catching heat today after a series of bizarre transphobic remarks online.

3. The now infamous and jaw-dropping abduction story told by a woman named Carlee Russell is actually a hoax.

4. All you need to know in updates on the SAG-AFTRA strike as Hollywood remains shuttered.

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