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Bazaar Express: Biden’s threat riles Israeli cabinet, what’s on TV tonight, Gazans are under attack in Rafah, today’s question answered, plus more top stories this morning

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Postcards on Netflix. When a Nigerian Mom travels to India for the first time what was meant to be routine healthcare turned out to be the heartfelt journey of a lifetime.

2. The latest in Gaza + Israel has expanded its offensive in Rafah sending Gazans fearing for their lives even more.

3. BAZAAR RESPONDS: In our question-and-answer inbox, we saw a question quite a few times that stuck out to us so here we go in today’s ‘Ask Bazaar’ column right here in the Express.

Q: Where do you folks think the world went wrong as humanity, and why?

‘When the insane neighbor next door can wake up on a Tuesday conveniently after a certain age in some places and suddenly assume public office with no previous background or experience [or worse a career politician] that doesn’t make sense. Because these people were once someone’s neighbor; a fellow Mom at a PTA meeting, the world went wrong when we allowed some of our neighbors to go unchecked and assume things like public office. Because when you think about it if someone doesn’t have the right to endanger you at the market or driving by on your way to the coffee shop, then why should they have the right to endanger you and everyone else around you if they assume public office and possess disturbing ideologies and views. There should be a difference between the right to vote and the right to serve unchecked.’

4. They’re fighting over at the UN: Watch

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