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Rudy Guiliani ‘s radio show has been sacked because he would not stop claiming that the 2020 election was stolen (it wasn’t)

Infamous former attorney and Trump crony Rudy Guiliani has been taken off of the air. According to reports, the station feared they could end up in Rudy ‘s mess if they continued to air the claims.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Guiliani is officially off the air as a conservative podcast host known for spewing lies and malacious fallacies.    Guiliani ‘s show according to The Daily Mail was axed after he repeatedly was warned to stop making the election claim but continued to do so by the station’s leadership including John Catsimatidis.

The Mail claims that Guiliani was repeatedly told by Catsimatidis to stop making the claim because the station feared Dominion may come after them.  It is the latest stake to Guiliani ‘s all but few remaining business ventures following  the ruling  that he defamed two Georgia election workers during the last election cycle.

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