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Happy Monday folks grab your lattes and finish getting ready for work from the comfort of home. Your AM rewind has arrived.

  1. Over in China in a city called Zhengzhou people are struggling to take out money from the bank.

But not because of anything typical that most have experienced before. Amid the Coronavirus and Xi Jinping ‘s draconian lockdown orders, the country and its banks are facing some pretty awful financial circumstances. As a result of Jinping’s horrible leadership, four regional banks in the area are entirely blocking people from taking their life savings out of their own accounts. As a result and as one might’ve guessed protests have now broken out across the area with people demanding immediate access to their funds to take care of their families. The Communist Party has responded with violence.

2. Maya Rudolph is back on T.V and talk about BINGE WORTHY

This is an Apple TV exclusive.

3. Joe Biden is exploring a public health emergency

Joe Biden is reportedly understood to be exploring whether or not he can bypass most of Washington to order a public health emergency in response to conservatives quashing basic rights for women in regards to abortion. It is unclear if a decision has been made yet and we are following these developments.

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