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  1. A New York City woman was attacked this week in an apparent hate crime over the fact she is white.

According to the NYPD, a woman over in Queens New York this week was attacked on a bus by a group of men who repeatedly shouted alleged anti-white slurs during the attack. Authorities say the attack is being treated as a hate crime. She was riding a local bus in the Queens area.

She was “struck in the head with an unknown object causing a laceration and bleed” as the individuals made anti-white statements, police said.

“I hate white people…the way they talk,” one of the attackers said, according to police sources. 

2. Singer Beyonce has joined Tik Tok for the first time

Music legend Beyonce is officially on Tik Tok along with her entire music catalog. Reports confirmed this week that the 40-year-old star joined the platform and within hours had racked up millions of excited followers after posting a single video.

3. As it turns out the story of that 10-year-old girl in the states who had an ‘alleged’ abortion actually did have an abortion.

You read that right. Despite GOP led efforts in the state of Ohio officials backpeddled this week against claims that a young girl believed to be about 10 was lying about having had an abortion. The problem with this is that it has now emerged that the doctor who performed the reported abortion actually did report it which means that it was in a government system all along.

Time Magazine has more on this story.

4. These photographs from the James Webb Telescope will blow your mind.

Time Magazine also has a set of 5 photographs released by NASA from the James Webb Telescope which is currently further in space than anything or anyone has ever gone.

5. As expected Republicans are already plotting revenge on the 6 January panel

CNN has more on this story.

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