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Good morning everyone let’s start your day off here with everything you may have missed overnight. This evening review is brought to you by XX Creative a Washington DC based creative arts team.

  1. Ghislaine Maxwell the notorious pimp who helped Jeffrey Epstein is set to be sentenced

And she’s facing more than 50 years behind bars for her crimes against young girls and women against the backdrop of aiding and abetting Jeffrey Epstein. According to prosecutors in New York, Maxwell is set to be sentenced in Brooklyn as July comes to be. It is widely expected that Ghislaine will die in American prison.

2. Abortion rights groups in America are gearing up for the fight of a lifetime.

Women ‘s rights quite literally hang in the balance. Abortion rights groups across America are gearing up for multi-state efforts to block or slow the enforcement of the now controversial abortion / trigger laws cropping up in the United States. The first are near or total bans with no exceptions for incest or rape and the latter are as they are named “trigger” meaning GOP states set the law to trigger itself as soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade. At least one judge in Louisiana has made this effort easier amid reports on Tuesday that Louisiana’s anti-abortion law has been effectively blocked.

3. The moon has a fascinating new double crater according to images released by NASA

New images (click here) released by NASA appear to show that the Moon ‘s surface was struck by a rocket body sometime in March. The result of the crash has been pictured for the first time.

4. Developing story alert:

Overnight it emerged that some 40+ migrants were found dead in a container truck amid 103 temperatures. Huff Post has more on this story as it continues to develop this morning. We will address this again in Tuesday evenings set of news articles.

5. Whoopi Goldberg has responded to the Clarence Thomas as the Supreme Court justice remains under fire.

As many of you know Clarence Thomas right now anyway is the one sitting justice who has openly suggested that contraceptives and same-sex marriage rights are next on the chopping block in America (notably Justice Alito has denied this but nobody is sure who is telling the truth.) Thomas suggested following the initial Roe vs Wade feeling that other cases and their precedent should be revisited and or corrected. The suggestion has set off widespread fears that Thomas appears to be suggesting that the court is coming for some fairly basic and fundamental rights that have long been established in America.


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