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China claims to have found 24 more versions of the Coronavirus in bats that CAN infect humans

One thing is for certain the world probably has had enough of the Coronavirus, but, if mother nature is anything to go by we certainly haven’t seen the last of the infamous virus.

But new reports out of China insist that there are at least 24 more species of the Coronavirus that are very much capable of jumping to humans just like the last strain did. According to Chinese media reports, Chinese scientists and researchers inside the infamous Wuhan institute are now claiming that the world may not be out of the water just yet.

Species and samples were reportedly collected between May 2019 and November 2020 as suspicions had initially grown over the source of the original species of the Coronavirus. The species that still largely remains unknown and has killed scores of people across the globe. Mengla county, Yunnan province appears to have been the location of the reported research.

‘In total, we assembled 24 novel 341 coronavirus genomes from different bat species, including four SARS-CoV-2 like coronaviruses,’ the researchers wrote in their report, which was published in the journal Cell on Thursday.

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