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Man fatally executed on set of Law & Order; Republicans deny they’re coming for marriage rights and more – Evening Rewind

This evenings’ rewind is brought to you by Crown Pets a division of Bazaar Daily News.

  1. On set of Law & Order: Organized Crime on Tuesday a man was fatally shot in what sounds like a targeted gang-style execution.

NYPD officials say that a crew member and former convict was killed today on set of Law & Order: Organized Crime. Cops say that early Tuesday afternoon an unusual car pulled up on Johnny Pizzaro, as he was doing his job on set, only to execute him moments later in a reported drive by. Cops believe that the shooters likely knew Johnny.

2. Republicans are on the defense amid reports that they’re coming for marriage rights next

Republicans across the aisle are denying reports that the GOP appears to be plotting bills that would terminate same sex marriage if they can replicate what happened to Roe vs Wade. As a result of the suspicions, Democrats introduced a series of bills on Tuesday that would otherwise help codify marriage rights into federal law. Such would trump any moves by the Supreme Court as we have mentioned before because they interpret rather than simply create the law. The bill passed the House but is expected to face strong opposition in the Senate.

3. Georgia prosecutors are now saying that fake Trump electors in fact are being looked at

Despite popular theories otherwise, it does appear that prosecutors down in Georgia are in fact eyeing those who helped that now infamous fake elector scheme. As many know that scheme was part of the alleged plot by Donald Trump and his associates to overthrow the 2020 election. Trump had hoped to install his own electors in an effort to overpower the electoral college.

4. Her death remained a mystery for decades and now there has been arrest

Back in 1975 Lindy Sue Biechler was killed but in a fashion that left more questions than answers at the time. 46 years after the then 19-year-old woman was violently killed a new break in her case. Investigators in Philly now say that an arrest has been made thanks to DNA lifted from a coffee cup earlier this week.

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