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This week indeed was a busy week in good ol America. From student loan forgiveness to hypocrisy by the GOP — headlines from around the country have once again dominated the news cycle.

  1. Joe Biden ‘s government has announced targeted student debt relief to help borrowers further get back on their feet.

Earlier this week, the U.S government announced for the first time ever a major sweeping debt cancellation package that is set to help millions of people. This package means that anyone who makes under $125,000 can have up to $10,000 cancelled of their college debt. To take it a step further anyone who used a pell grant can get up to $20,000 cancelled. If you paid after March 2020 (this date is important) you can also get a refund for what you paid according to multiple reports including ABC News.

2. Reports suggest Queen Elizabeth ‘s health may be worse than initially thought

Several reports some with even remarkable accuracy to the royal family suggest Queen Elizabeth II may soon be about to further bow out of public life. According to reports out Saturday, the Queen is adamant about welcoming a new Prime Minister herself but will do so from Balmoral. In fact, other reports suggest that such could change after it was discovered despite her supposed wishes that Prince Charles has been frequenting Balmoral. His visits have led many to believe that he may step in for the Queen as she continues to suffer mobility issues.

3. New Yorkers are furious over reports that Trump ‘s Saudi backed golf tournament next month will take place in the Bronx.

Of all places New York City is set to reportedly host a Saudi backed golf tournament at none other than Donald Trump ‘s golf course in the Bronx. The event is understood to take place next month but has garnered intense backlash considering New York City was once the site of what was 9/11 which has long been thought to have been masterminded by you guessed it.. the Saudis.

4. Pakistan is buckling under the weight of heavy storms; rains, and poor infrastructure.

Like many other places in the world Pakistan isn’t doing so well. Click here for more information. Our hearts go out to the innocent people struggling to get through the disaster.

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