Bazaar Express: Dancer dies after eating a mislabeled cookie in New York City, another dramatic day in court for Trump, what’s on TV tonight, plus more top headlines by The Express

Good evening everyone and welcome to this delightful evening in New York City and of course to this edition of Bazaar Express — sponsored by our new design company Design Advantage.

1. What’s on TV tonight?

The excellent movie drama about the life of notorious Queenpin Griselda Blanco has dropped on Netflix. Watch it while you can the family of Griselda Blanco is attempting to get this removed according to reports from last week.

2. The latest in Gaza

3. A heartbreaking reminder about allergies. A young dancer is dead this week after moving to New York City where she consumed cookies she didn’t know had peanuts — because they were mislabeled.

If you suffer from major allergies always double check and if you’re not sure do not ever tempt it.

3. Woman who blew up St Petersburg cafe in infamous terrorist attack that killed pro-war blogger sentenced to 27 years

A woman identified as Darya Trepova has been sentenced by a Russian court to more than 27 years in Russia’s prison system for the attack on a St Petersburg cafe

The infamous attack on 2 April stunned Russia as it was intentionally carried out to kill pro-war blogger Vladlen Tatarsky. Tatsrsky was an infamous ardent supporter of the illegal invasion of Ukraine where he often reported on his blog from the frontlines. During the infamous attack, Tatarsky was given a bust of himself that later exploded.

She was ultimately sentenced for possession of explosive devices; forging documents, and carrying out the attack on Russian soil.

4. Trump’s outlook in court isn’t looking so great after all in fact it has some truly wondering.

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