The Brief: Israeli-Hamas war is escalating, here are 3 new developments you should know about right now

Welcome to this special edition of The Brief. In this special edition (going forward), we’re bringing you afternoon daily updates on the Israeli-Hamas war as the conflict rages on and thousands of people are now dead.

  1. Israel is closing in on Gaza and has promised to seek out ‘all of Hamas.’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed that during the reported ground operation inside Gaza, Hamas members will be hunted and killed. IDF soldiers believe Hamas is hiding in underground tunnels that the group ordinarily would use to transport themselves and their equipment. Border crossings between Egypt and Gaza remain closed plunging huge swathes of people into the likelihood of dying.

2. International allies are calling for restraint on Israel ‘s behalf as the country’s tactics may in turn violate international law.

Although denied by Israel, weekend reports claim that there were reports of soldiers using white phosphorous bullets in the war. The claims resulted in immediate international criticism because the use of such in fact violates international law.

3. Israel now says that the upcoming ground operation will include several attacks.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that the next phase of the war would include land; sea, and air attacks on the Gaza strip. Israel maintains that the attacks are an effort to remove Hamas, however, Israel has garnered criticism over its increased hostility in its response. Several world leaders have expressed that Israel must restrain in the air in an effort to further save human lives.

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