The Evening: SCOTUS reveals apparent ethics code (but there’s a catch), Israel issues new call for civilians to flee, announcing our new series to help people spot fake news, what’s on TV tonight plus more top headlines

Good evening everyone and welcome to this edition of The Evening Report.

  1. SCOTUS has finally adopted a ‘code of ethics’ but not so fast you probably shouldn’t hold your breath hoping for any accountability.

On Monday, after months of continued and intense criticism the Supreme Court announced that it is adopting a set of ethical rules that it intends to follow going forward. The move comes after a number of Justices including Clarence Thomas and Sonya Sotomayor were both found to have been either wined and dined or personally benefited from their position — and didn’t report it.

Critics have already pointed out that although there’s now an ethics code there isn’t actually a mechanism in said code to enforce the code itself.

2. Amid further calls for a ceasefire as Israel closes in on Al-Shifa hospital, the country maintains that it civilians should flee and that they are taking ‘extra’ caution around hospitals.

As the war in Gaza continues, Israel is surrounding the Al-Shifa hospital in the intensified next stage of the war. Israel maintains that Hamas is operated a huge command centre beneath the hospital, however, this is a claim the hospital denies. A U.S intelligence official did though tell CNN that the U.S also believes that there is a command centre underneath the hospital.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching The Golden Bachelor.

EDITORIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: With the continued rise of AI and the use of it to create fake and misleading content, we’re launching a full editorial series to help people actively identify fake news and content across various mediums and platforms. The series will publish for the first time 1 December.

3. Checking in on the migrant crisis in New York City.

New York City is finding out that simply throwing people wherever they can place people is probably not a good idea and will not sit well with some. This week Floyd Bennett Field ‘s shelter for migrants finally opened, however, it did not go according to plan. According to reports, some migrant families are outright refusing to stay in the facilities all together.

4. Americans need to know about Agenda 47 and no before anyone asks that is not a video game or a movie. If you do not pay attention this will very well end up becoming reality in the United States.

Agenda 47 is a far-right plan of action proposed by Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump. The plan of course features a wide variety of the usual right-wing talking points, however, two particular points of the plan are drawing widespread criticism.

For those familiar with mass deportations of a particular demographic, we shall not have to remind the world how this has gone in the past. In Agenda 47, Donald Trump wants to ’round up’ migrants and those associated with the term and ‘send them back.’ He then wants to all but suspend immigration entirely among other wild right-wing selling points.

For more information on Agenda 47 it would benefit everyone to go read that website because it spells out at least 50 reasons your vote matters to the Democratic party or someone else. Not voting simply put will help Project 47 become reality (in whatever form it would eventually take.)

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