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In latest anti-gay crackdown, Iraq’s regime sparks heartbreak and fury as the state seeks to imprison innocent people for living their lives

Iran’s cruel regime has announced a new crackdown on the LGBTQ+ community as the regime now seeks to jail them for up to 15 years or more.

The Lowdown

According to an announcement by Iraq ‘s parliament, the country’s ultra-religious parliament passed a piece of legislation this week that is set to have devastating ramifications throughout the region. The legislation according to the text gives the government the right to arrest members of the LGBTQ+ community under a revised edition of a 1988 anti-prostitution law. Bazaar Daily has reviewed information for the legislation and found that it now reads ‘promoting homosexuality’ among those listed as criminal offences.

Innocent people will now face up to seven years in prison for being a member of the LGBTQ+ community or simply undergoing a biological sex change. It is the latest in a series of terrifying religiously-charged decisions made in Iraq that have devastated communities nationwide.

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