The Evening: Honeymooners star dies, thousands march in solidarity with Palestine (not Hamas), Trump is attempting to smear Nikki Haley amid fears he will lose to her, plus what’s on TV tonight

Evening everyone and welcome to this edition of The Evening by Bazaar Daily.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

We’re hanging out in the virtual TV room tonight watching Culprits on Hulu.

2. Thousands took to the streets on the Global Day of Action in support of Palestine

3. Checking in on Joe Biden… and the escalating tensions with Iranian terror group the Houthi rebels.

4. Donald Trump is repeatedly attacking Nikki Haley amid concerns that he will lose the GOP nomination to her.

In a feat, there are whispers that Haley may be able to formidably take on Trump for the nomination as the days wind down to the final showdown. As such, Donald Trump took to the airwaves and the media once more to trash Haley amid a reported surge in the polls in Iowa ahead of the caucuses. The Iowa caucuses are indeed finally getting underway amid the heavy winter storm blanketing much of the area.

We’re not going to give his comments publication time.

5. A completely random Netflix suggestion as suggested by our community.

Gone For Good under TV shows.

6. Honeymooners star has died

According to Huff Post, Honeymooners star Joyce Randolph has died at 99.

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