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Sleep Easy Coyote: R.I.P. Mark Salling

On this day glee fans all over the world are shocked and saddened by the passing of an all american star; Mark Salling. Salling born in Dallas, Texas on Aug 17th 1982 , passed this morning due to an apparent suicide. Tipped by a phone call to do a welfare check LAPD went to check on the glee star. TMZ broke the news around 10:45 am. Found in a baseball park close to his home hanging from a tree, Mark must have decided that he couldn’t face the burden he was to bear for the next 7 years.

“PUCK” as known on the hit show Glee, was the character that Mark played for 6 seasons. He was an aspiring actor that was made an international star. With a passion for music he started a project with a fellow friend called “Camp Coyote” a mix of comedy and music and was touring. Then, BOOM, Things took a drastic turn in November of 2015. An ex girlfriend blew the whistle to authorities about Salling having child pornography in his possession.  Now Noella Fe says, after doing much research we can’t find any leads to who this girlfriend could be. He doesn’t mention any girlfriends and only the bro code was being tracked according to Stallings FB page.Was there even a girlfriend? Why hasn’t she come forward, or is this somebody that knows him and doesn’t want to be embarrassed or harassed? Could this actually be someone who could get in trouble themselves? Inquiring minds want to know especially since there had been no reports of him dating since things popped off.

In October of 2017, Mark pled guilty for possession of “prepubescent” material. WAIT A MINUTE! I know some of you are like what is that word!? I had to look it up myself but it’s just another fancy word for age before puberty hits. The boys (feds) found damn near 300,000 images and over 600 videos in his home. Even though some would argue, It wasn’t his house; some would argue why be around such filth? Many have said,” but it wasn’t his?”Then there are those that say,“but he knew about it and the people who it belong to.”

Bazaar daily went back thru all of Salling’s social media profiles which had no activity after November 2015. All the pictures show a different look. In his most happiest moments, he still looked a little dark to the eye. Nothing strange that we saw except maybe he chose to stick around his males friends more. BD can’t say the same for the comment section which was mixed, while some pointed out that he wasn’t guilty until proven, others were disgusted and wished the worst to the glee star.

We did uncover that Mark had been in trouble with the law before, and paid a heavy amount to a named, Roxanne Gorzala in 2013 for sexual battery and assault. WHOAHHH YOU SAY! Noella Fe, said the same thing until we dug a little deeper and found that the battery was claimed because Sallings didn’t use a condom knowing Gorzala didn’t consent to unprotected sex. Heavy.com reported that year that the claimant states that Sallings attacked her once she confronted him about fearing to have an STD. Let’s just make note of some points here;

*2013 accused of battery

*12/15 arrested for child porn

*5/16 arrested for 2 counts indictment for receiving porn w/ young girls

*10/17 pleaded guilty for possession.

We are not stating that Stallings had a history of trouble, we are just stating facts that might have been troubling to the star.

In a statement from his attorney, he described Sallings as a gentle and loving creature that was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgement.

After pleading guilty under his sentencing he would have to register as a sex offender and stay away from minors. It was also reported by many outlets that he had to pay each victim $50,000. Now we aren’t Einsteins but how would he pay children on the video’s or in the pics? Over 600 videos? Did he make that much off of Glee? Not being funny at all and no shade respectively but it sounds like there were more than videos and pictures. Did Mark really have a problem? Was he among the non offending pedophiles? We don’t know yet but we are on top of the story, some things seem sketchy however one thing remains, Mark is no longer with his family. There are victims on both sides; his own family and those affected by whatever went down behind closed doors.

ET News, reported that ex. Girlfriend Naya Rivera stated, “she wasn’t shocked; there was something very dark about him, he seemed to be fighting something within.” Noella fe said the same thing when she was looking at the pictures on his facebook page. Rivera says, “looking back at the once devastating breakup over the three-year relationship with Mark, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

As always Bazaar Daily will keep up with this breaking story, you know a lot of things come out once a person dies. Maybe there is more to the tragedy, and maybe there isn’t.

If you or any one you know have thoughts of suicide please, for the sake of yourself and your loved ones call the suicide hotline, 1-800-273-8255.

Until next time, Noella Fe says, make sure you are following our facebook page @bazaar daily and our twitter page to engage! @bazaardaily

*we are not the original owners of photos used

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  1. Tia Hart Tia Hart 2018-01-30

    I can’t believe this but then again… so he could live with it until people found out? Smh

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