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5 things to know on this Tuesday 20 July

The afternoon mix is here and it’s chalked full of stuff we feel our readers should know about. These newsy letters are meant to be informative to help people understand in less-complicated-or-political terms what is happening in the world around them.

  1. Coronavirus

Unfortunately for the United States the U.S is experiencing spikes in COVID cases particularly along the lines of the Delta variant. According to the latest available statistics, more than 83% of all cases reported as of late are all of the variants which is considered to be significantly more contagious than the last one. With rising cases of vaccine hesitancy and political football surrounding the idea of vaccines — America’s on a path to struggle to claw its way back out of the virus if government officials don’t stop it in its tracks.

2. Crackpot U.S Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene temporarily got suspended from Twitter for lying about COV-19 and vax efforts in the United States

Greene apparently loves misinformation to the point that she got suspended for 3 consecutive 12 hour limits on Twitter for spreading lies about COVID-19 and vax efforts in the United States. Greene, a sitting member of Congress, then chimed in believing that vax efforts should not be required. Her first suspension came from misinformation about the Georgia Senate Race and in typical Greene fashion she maintains that she is being silenced by the “radical left.”

3. Convicted predator Harvey Weinstein has been taken from New York to California to stand trial for additional crimes likely sealing his fate forever.

Harvey Weinstein once one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood has lost his bid to stop extradition to California. This week the disgraced movie mogul was extradited quietly to California by government officials in New York City to answer for his crimes that took place within the jurisdiction of CA. It is uncertain how much jail time he may receive on behalf of California considering he is still an inmate in New York.

4. Prince Harry has a $20m book deal, Buckingham Palace is not feeling it whatsoever.

This week came news that Prince Harry alike wife Meghan Markle (aka the Duchess of Sussex) has captured a $20m book deal from Penguin Random House. The book deal is of course for a bevy of memoirs some of which are understood to contain details about private things that occurred within the walls of the palace. Of course that fact is understood to have upset palace courtiers and officials considering they usually are closed off from the public. Harry maintains that he has divulged honest and truthful details. Random House did not return calls for comment though the book is due out in 2022.

5. Jeff Bezos confirms Blue Origin is attempting to build a road to space, but will it be for everyone?

Billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos flew into Space today on a Blue Origin space rocket. The historic flight followed Richard Branson who also did the same. Bezos though flew at least 13 miles higher than Branson did further indicating that Bezos is attempting to go further into space than mankind probably has before. Upon arriving back home, Bezos admitted that B.O is attempting to build a road to space for “the future and the children of the future.”

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