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The Evening: Sinaloa Cartel has been up to some risky business, humanitarian aid is headed to Gaza, criticism mounts over Gaza hospital blast, plus what’s on Netflix tonight

Good evening everyone and welcome to Wednesday ‘s edition of The Evening Report.

  1. Humanitarian aid is now going to flow into Gaza through Egypt following diplomatic deals being made.

Israel following discussions with the U.S and allies has now agreed to begin allowing aid to flow through Egypt. Aid will be required to undergo inspections and is expected to only go to civilians rather than militants. It is unclear if militants will take a stance and attempt to steal the resources. The deal was originally announced by Joe Biden after a series of discussions with Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of Egypt.

2. Mexico ‘s infamous Sinaloa Cartel has according to reports been up to some risky but questionable ‘justice’

News reports in Mexico are now claiming that the country ‘s infamous Sinaloa drug cartel has been ‘murdering’ people who continue to produce or have anything to do with fentanyl. Some are suggesting that the sudden murders are moves by the cartel to get the heat off of them, out of fear of being arrested by security forces and turned over to the Americans.

3. The deadly hospital blast that killed scores of people has international watchers up in arms watching Gaza.

This week as the war in Israel and Gaza escalated, a hospital was bombed killing scores of people. The exact cause of the blast and who did it remains hotly disputed with both sides blaming each other. Israel claims to be in possession of video footage of Hamas admitting to the blast.

Location of the blast: al-Ahli Arab Hospital.

Exact number of deaths: unknown

4. What’s on Netflix tonight?

Drum roll please… tonight we’re watching Suits in our virtual streaming lounge.

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