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The Afternoon: Mike Pence suspends Pres campaign after series of blunders, Israel has cut all communications inside of Gaza as calls for ceasefire fail, America’s dangerous dance with fascism, plus what’s on TV tonight

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this beautiful Saturday afternoon.

1. GOPer Mike Pence has suspended his Presidential campaign

Republican Presidential candidate Mike Pence yes that Mike Pence has suspended his campaign after all. In an announcement on Saturday, the embattled Republican acknowledged that his campaign failed to resonate in the polls and also failed quite bad at fundraising the needed money to sustain the campaign.

2. The invasion of Gaza has begun.

All Comms and internet services in Gaza are presently offline. Israel knocked out services yesterday ahead of its planned invasion of the territory. Israel maintains that it will not take control of the territory following the war and that the invasion is strictly to eliminate Hamas.

3. America’s dance with fascism is here and people need to look no further than parts of Europe for an example as to what that would look like.

This is your reminder that the Speaker of the House has acknowledged he desires the living standards from the 1850s. He also believes that Americans should be forced to live that way even hundreds of years later.

4. What’s on TV tonight?

Pain Hustlers – how far will a Mom take her new career in big pharma to have it all?

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