Bazaar First: Vicious murder shocks Boston, Mark Meadows sued by book publisher over his lies, what’s on TV this weekend, plus more top headlines

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  • Mark Meadows whose career is effectively over has been sued by his publisher All Seasons Press. According to Meidas Touch, his publisher claims he lied throughout much of his book and therefore should be required to repay some or all of the funds and advances given to him.
  • A shocking murder at Boston’s airport has people talking and a manhunt is underway.
  • Addressing a common question we get about these newsletters. These newsletters are part of our editorial strategy when we are otherwise not open or online during work hours.

US PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN visits Maine to remember the 18 victims lost in the latest example of horrific American gun violence.

On Friday, Joe Biden spent his time in Maine speaking before the bowling alley that was gunned down earlier this month. In a four minute address, Biden’s comments about the tragedy are as follows.

“This tragedy opens a painful, painful wound all across the country,” Biden said in a four-minute address. “Too many Americans have lost loved ones or survived the trauma of gun violence.”

A change once more on those gag orders making Trump’s life hell as former Pres stares down the barrel of losing everything.

Judge Arthur Engron who has already shown he is not going give Trump any free passes during his case. According to the case, the gag orders status has changed again as it now includes Trump’s lawyers.

Engron ruled Friday that Trump’s lawyers alike Trump also engaged in making inflammatory comments about his principal law clerk.

What’s on TV tonight?

Pain Hustlers starring Emily Blunt.

A wild crime at Boston’s Logan airport has people wondering how it happened in the first place and nobody noticed.

According to reports, a missing woman in Boston has been found dead and her boyfriend who fled to Kenya is wanted for murder.

The woman identified as Margaret Mbitu, 31 was found dead in an SUV parked inside of Boston’s Logan International Airport. She was first reported missing on Monday. Her boyfriend identified as 40-year-old Kevin Kangethe.

His photographs have been released by the authorities. Police say when they found her body in the passenger seat there was so much blood the signs of death were obvious.

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