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Common sense is outrunning Ron DeSantis again endangering ordinary Floridians as wacky Governor wages a one-man war to stop addressing climate change entirely

Florida has announced that Florida is going to Florida whether the rest of the United States goes along for the ride or not. According to reports, the state has removed all references to climate change throughout government.

The Lowdown

Florida is a state that we’d like to remind people of along the coast, which means that the only thing between Florida and a grim future is well nothing besides the sea level rising and climate change is real despite what Ron DeSantis says.

But there’s more. According to CNN, references to such throughout government have been removed; departments no longer have to consult ‘green friendly products’, metrics and goals for renewable energy and related are banned, wind turbines on beaches are prohibited, and regulations on natural gas pipelines are now weakened.

DeSantis is actively prioritising the gas industry over the health and safety of millions of Floridians.

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