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Senator J.D Vance is the latest American politician to cozy up to foreign dictators this time Hungary ‘s autocratic dictator Viktor Orban

In the latest sign that MAGA will stop at nothing to seize total and complete control of the United States, J.D Vance has sung his praises for none other than Viktor Orban. Orban is the leader of Hungary who has ruled the country for many years, however, has aided the country into sliding into an authoritarian dictatorship.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Senator J.D Vance is the latest American politician to all but confirm their alliance with hostile foreign powers. In comments made on the Sunday talk-show circuit, Vance appeared to suggest that Orban’s totalitarian takeover of Universities was good because taxpayers should have a say in how they work. This report from Transparency International also highlights how post-Orban-takeover people often describe life inside Universities to be corrupt.

According to a previous report, Universities in Hungary are already guided by the kleptocratic government. A few years back, Orban was initially accused of hijacking all but the entire government and in essence using it as a piggy bank for himself. That came just before Orban’s President resigned following reports that she shockingly allowed a predator to go free despite his heinous acts.

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