Bazaar First: TV star dies in shock drowning, the latest in Palestine, UAW has second deal, plus more top headlines

Good morning everyone and welcome to this very early edition of Bazaar First.

1. Matthew Perry of Friends fame has died after accidentally drowning in Los Angeles.

US actor Matthew Perry drowned on Saturday at a home in Los Angeles. According to TMZ, he was 54 years old.

2. Your morning war digest is here. Reminder: all human life matters not one group over the other.

  • Israel’s bombardment continues. The country has unleashed what are known as bunker busters in an effort to seal off Hamas tunnels.
  • America is trying to control the coverage of the war. Some reports indicate that officials including officials from the West are attempting to influence media coverage of the war to prevent a full scale wider war.
  • Angelina Jolie talks about Gaza and her work with refugees.

US star Angelina Jolie is the latest public figure to address the war in Israel.

  • Iran may get the war it wants after all as human life be damned and senile men are on the brink of killing us all.

3. UAW has a second major deal with Stellantis.

The state of the ongoing auto strikes appears to be that they are winding down. According to reports, Stellantis which makes Jeep has reached a tentative agreement with the union for better working conditions and pay. It is the latest deal to emerge out of the fierce showdown between automakers and the union in recent weeks. General Motors is now the only automaker without a sizable deal.

4. People in Gaza are breaking into aid warehouses because there’s nothing else and people are starving.

The UN group managing the aid relief in Gaza told the AP on Sunday that conditions are so dire people have started breaking into aid warehouses to get food and other supplies. It comes as Israel’s bombardment which has become so frequent everything from communication services to the internet remains down.

5. What’s on TV tonight?

The Family Business is a saucy new drama about a family empire and what becomes of the heir to the throne. But during his ascent to power, family secrets some wildly dirty threaten not only their money but their entire lives.

Rating: A+

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