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Perverted details emerge in case of Michael Emery the footballer accused of ‘raping woman and then texting photos of her to teammates’

Last updated on 2024-05-15

A chilling case has emerged out of a previously reported incident at Wembley. According to reports, Michael Emery, 33,  is now on trial for the 22′ alleged rape of an unidentified woman but not before he took nude photos of her the court has heard.

The Lowdown

According to The Guardian, the case surrounds the evening of 22 May 21 whereas Emery reportedly invited the woman back along with him following a non-league win by his team Warrington Ryland FC. Although initially a consensual encounter, the woman has since revealed in the case that she ‘woke up during this time to find Emery repeatedly biting her and her breast.’ Despite exclaiming ‘ow’ the woman claims Emery refused to stop and proceeded to rape her.

Court documents show according to The Guardian that Emery allegedly assaulted the woman a total of twice.

Prosecutors in the case also argue that after the alleged rape at a club in Watford, Emery took nude photographs of the woman and proceeded to text them personally to members of his team via a Whatsapp group posing the question Does anyone want a go?

Emery has denied the allegations stemming from two charges of rape and one charge of disclosing private photographs of someone else without consent.

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